How to Create a Remnant Ads Campaign in ZeroPark

In my pursuit to turn waste into gold, I had detailed plans to run a remnant ads campaign. Remnant ads are the ad impressions that have not been sold directly to an advertiser that must be sold in other ways. If you’d like to read more about remnant ads, click here.

In this article, I’ll cover how to create a ZeroPark campaign to run remnant ads.

Creating a ZeroPark Remnant Ads Campaign

To create a ZeroPark campaign, be it remnant ads or standard ads or premium ads campaign, the process is similar to begin with. Click “New Campaign” and then in traffic type, choose “Premium PPV.” The next selection you need to do is whether the campaign will target RON or Keywords or Target/Source or it would be a Multi-Geo campaign. Since remnant traffic is available at dirt-cheap prices, I decided to do a multi-geo campaign and get as much data as quickly as possible.

Once you click “Multi Geo,” you’ll be presented an option to either do a RON campaign or do a Keyword based campaign.

Select RON and you’ll see a page to provide details for your campaign.

how to create remnant ads campaign in zeropark

Provide name of the campaign and select “Remnant.

I had created a campaign for BRICS countries, so I selected a few countries. You can select all countries or countries of your choice.

Since pop traffic is available for dirt cheap, I started my campaign with a CPV of $0.0005 and went as low as $0.0001. $0.0001 is the lowest you can go when bidding for remnant traffic.

Unless you don’t care about throwing money, as I always say – do not forget to setup daily budget as well as campaign budget. My preference is always to bid low and if I’m not getting much traffic, increase the bid rather than the other way around.

how to create remnant ads campaign in zeropark


Also select daily budget for targets. I usually set it to be the same as the daily budget.

You can create different campaigns for traffic filters, for example, create a different campaign for desktop traffic and a different one for mobile traffic.

I usually begin with a frequency filter of 24 hours, which means that my ads are served to the same same person/device after 24 hours. I do play with other frequency filters when optimizing my campaign.

I create different campaigns to target adult and non adult traffic.

As for day parting, I do not recommend nor do I select any day when creating a campaign. After running a campaign for a few days, when I focus on optimization, then only do I look into day parting.

One final thing you need to provide is the destination URL, which you’ll receive from your affiliate network. If your destination URL contains {cid} token, you can use the Postback URL in the Voluum tracker as well.