The Complete Guide to Creating PropellerAds Campaigns

PropellerAds is digial advertising company, which serves about 700 million ad impressions each day (as of August 2017). I spent $1242.02 in about 1.5 months buying traffic from Propeller Ads and you’d like to learn from my experience, this article is for you. You can learn from my experience and hopefully you don’t have to spend all this money to create effective and money making campaigns in Propeller Ads.

Click here to learn about the ad formats supported by PropellerAds.


Fund your PropellerAds Account

One of the first things you should do is to add funds to your account. You do this by logging on to your PropellerAds advertising account and clicking “Add Funds.” You’ll see 3 options for adding funds – you can use your credit/debit card or wire transfer or PayPal tranfer to add funds to your accounts. If the first link to add funds via bank card does not work, you can select the other link (alternative link). Follow the steps below to transfer funds to your PropellerAds account.

propellerads add funds

This is one thing, which I did not like about PropellerAds – they’re passing the fees to the advertisers for each transfer. Credit/Debit card transfers incur a service fee of 4.5% or 5% while PayPal transfer incurs a fee of about 3-5% (mine was usually 2.7%). You need a minimum of $1000 to do wire transfer and it takes 5-7 working days for the transfer to complete whereas in case of bank card or PayPal – the transfer is immediate.

Create PropellerAds Campaign

Begin by clicking button “Create Campaign”

propellerads create campaign

Below screenshot provides details of all the information you’ll need to provide.

1. Campaign Name – Provide the name of the campaign. I like to name my campaign such that I know the ad platform, vertical and country right away from the campaign’s name. This campaign, Mobidea_Sweep_TH refers to Sweeps for Thailand being run on Mobidea.

2. Pricing Model – PropellerAds offers two pricing models – CPM and SmartCPA. This article is on CPM model, which is cost per thousand (Mile) impressions. Click here to view the next article, which details using SmartCPA pricing model. SmartCPA is an auto optimized algorithm that sets parameters of the campaign to help get as many conversions as possible.

3. Target URL – Provide the URL of ad.

4. Activate TrafficBoost to exand your reach – You can get traffic from PropellerAds with CPM rates starting from $0.30. I’d recommend not using this option to begin with. Use this option only if you don’t see enough traffic/impressions.

5, 6, 7. Frequency Capping – Frequency Capping refers to number of times your ad will be displayed on to the same person on a publisher’s website. When a website visitor sees the ad for the first time, the ad server receives the info about the individual cookie. I like to set my setting to 1:72, which means my ad will show up only once in 72 hours to a particular person.

Once you start getting impressions, frequency capping can help you improve your margins. For example, if you identify a period of the day/week in your campaign that performs better than others, you can increase the capping for that period to gain more impressions by making use of dayparting.

8. Countries – Select the country by typing the country name or code.

9. CPM – PropellerAds recommends a CPM and you can provide a value lesser than what PropellerAds recommends. Once you provide the CPM value – you’ll see the graph on the right side change. In my experience, you should not go with recommendations by PropellerAds. They are way higher and I always ended up burning money even before I could come back to the ad after approval to check performance of the campaign.

how to create propeller ads campaign

 11. Total Campaign Budget – Set a limit to total campaign budget. It is highly recommended so that your funding does not get exhaust even before you realize it.
12. Audience – Using this option, you can re-target those who visited your website earlier. I’m going to ignore it for now.
13. Campaign Schedule – Use your dayparting data to limit when will your ad show.
14. Set Display Period – You can set dates between which dayparting will be enforced.
15. Ad Delivery Method – There are two options – standard and distributed. With Standard method, your ads start showing according your campaign’s schedule settings and more quickly thereafter, until your daily budget is reached. With Distributed method – you can evenly distribute your daily budget across the entire day (0:00 – 23:59) or scheduled time period.
I cannot stress enough – use distributed method or your budget is likely to get exhausted in no time. I’ve made this mistake many a times wherein I’ll forget to switch to distributed method and by the time I wake up – all the budget for the day is exhausted.
propeller ads create optimized campaign
16. Advanced – Click on the Advanced button to begin with an optimized campaign right away. As soon as you click Advanced – more options will show up.
17.  Connection Type – Depending on the data you may already have – select Wi-Fi or 3G or All.
18. OS Type – Type Desktop or Mobile or Other for operating system type.
19. OS’s – You’d be able to narrow down traffic as per OS type. For example, Android, iOS, Symbian etc.
20. OS Versions – Based on the OS you selected earlier, you’d be able to further narrow down traffic as per OS versions. For example, iOS 8, iOS 11, Android 5,6,7 etc.
21. Device Type – You can select device type like phone, tablet, desktop etc.
22. Devices – Depending on device type you select – you can narrow it down based on device type as well.
23. Mobile ISP – If you selected 3G or All in #17 earlier and you observer ads performing better with one or more mobile ISPs – you can provide them here.
24. Proxy – Whether or not you want your traffic from proxy or not.
25. Browsers – You can name browsers if you want traffic to come for some in particular.
26. Browser Language – You can select the language in your browser.
27. Zone limitations – You need to leave this blank to begin with. As your campaign runs, your observe non-performing zoneids, which you can exclude. All those will get added here.
28.   – There are zones where PropellerAds would be able to bypass ad blockers. If your landing page isn’t blocked by ad blockers, you can get some traffic from there.
29. Quality Guidelines – Check the quality guidelines to ensure your compliance.
30. Start Campaign – Once you’ve filled the details of your campaign – click start campaign and your campaign will go for review by the Propeller staff. This is one thing I like about Propeller Ads as compared to others – review process is faster and it takes only a few hours to get your ads approved.
propeller ads create campaignpropeller ads create campaign