Understanding Pop Ad Traffic

If you’re starting new in affiliate marketing, you may not realize it but there are thousands and thousands of traffic sources. There are several ways in which you can categorize them like Social (Facebook, Instagram), Search (Google), SEO, Video, Pop etc. In this article, we’ll cover Pop traffic and how to get started in the same.

Pop traffic provides the easiest entry point in affiliate marketing world. Pop traffic is nothing but those irritating popups, which started on desktop a few years ago and have made their way onto mobile as well. If you’ve ever been on a torrent/streaming site or adult site – you know what I’m talking about.

popups evrywhere

The below screenshot is the annoying popup from Netflix. It does not matter if you’re already a Netflix subscriber or not, but such pop ads keep showing up. Ever wondered why Netflix cares for such a form of advertising? It is not Netflix but affiliates who’re promoting Netflix. Affiliates not only made money promoting Netflix offers but had a big role in making Netflix worth $70 billion by May 2017.

what are pop ads

While pop advertising is easy to learn, implement, and make money, it does require a lot of your time and attention. Hence, it is common for people entering the affiliate marketing world to get started with pop traffic and then expand into other forms of traffic like Adwords, Facebook, Native Ads etc., which provide a much steadier and predictable income source.


Targeted vs Non-Targeted Traffic

Conversion rate depends on whether the ad is targeted or not. Look at the below ad – do you think anyone reading this article would ever buy Folgers?

irrelevant ads
Targeted traffic is to equivalent of qualified sales leads for salespeople. These are the people who deliberately visit a site through a link that determines a visitor’s needs before they click. For example, you type in Google “learn adobe photoshop” and you see ads and click one. In this case, Google is providing the advertiser a targeted lead because your intent is known (learn adobe photoshop) and hence, chances of conversion is higher.

targeted traffic

Facebook has taken targeted traffic to a different level altogether. Because Facebook knows everything about you – your gender, age, marital status etc, it provides a great opportunity for the advertiser to laser target their audience. Using Facebook ad, you can select age group, gender, hobbies etc to define your target audience. When you ad gets displayed to your target audience, chances of conversion are higher because your product is likely to appeal to them.

facebook targeted ad


Pop traffic on the other hand provides non-targeted or broad traffic. When you launch a campaign on pop traffic sources, your ad can appear on all sorts of different types of websites that have content on all different topics. Like in the below example, you may get a popup irrespective of whether you want a gold iPhone or not.

Because Facebook, Google Adwords etc provide “targeted” traffic –all affiliate networks like them. For example, you can you can promote a dog shampoo to someone who is a pet owner in Facebook or has liked pet related FB pages or is searching in Google for pet related products. It is easier to retain a customer than to gain one and hence, promoters like targeted traffic and in turn affiliate networks also like targeted traffic.

Cost of Pop Ads vs Targeted Ads

Pop ads are non targeted and hence, chances of conversion is usually very low. Additionally most traffic networks will give you very little information on the nature and placement of those ads, which does not help reduce irrelevancy. For example, PropellerAds instead of telling you which website your ads shows up – they let you know zoneids.

propeller ads zones

Because of this limited information, it is hard to target and hence, the quality of traffic is not great. But then because of these very reasons, the pop traffic is available for dirt cheap price – far lesser price than what you’d pay for targeted ads in Google or Facebook. You can have pop ad campaigns running for as low as $5 per day and getting 1000s of impressions each day. You can use this data to optimize your campaigns and turn them into profitable ones.

Hence, when selling to broad traffic, you’ll need to choose products/offers that have broad appeal. For example, “Win Walmart $50 Giftcard” or “Win iPhone 7” or “Win Samsung Galaxy S8” or free download of Games or Antivirus etc. — such ads would appeal to all.


Current & Future Outlook for Pop Traffic

Trend for pop traffic does not look all that great. Some of things working against pop traffic are:

  • Because they are easy to run and provide a low cost entry point – it has seen a huge influx of newbies interested in affiliate marketing. This has resulted in pop becoming more and more competitive with rising traffic costs and decreasing traffic volumes.
  • Ad blockers are becoming more effective in blocking pop ads which further decreases the overall pop volume.
  • Pop ads are usually short lived. Conversion rates and profitability drops gradually or all of sudden for no apparent reason. Due to this, pop campaigns need regular care and attention. Sometimes the profit you make from this is not worth the time spent.

This is why affiliates expand to other areas rather quickly once they’re able to learn the tricks of the trade.


Some Good Pop Traffic Sources

Some good pop traffic sources, which I’ve had the experience of working with are:

  • ZeroPark
  • Propeller Ads
  • Pop Cash
  • Ad Cash
  • Self Advertiser