Using ExoClick Frequency Capping

All the traffic sources allow you to control the number of times a visitor will see your ad. This is known as Frequency Capping.

The reason why this parameter is important is because by not using frequency capping, you can bombard a person with your ads. However, this bombardment comes at a cost. The idea is to test different frequency caps and arrive at a perfect sweet spot, which will help you get higher conversions.


If a person was not interested in your ad when he saw it for the first few times, it is most likely that he may not be interested even if you keep showing him the ad however number of times. It also does happen that a person may not pay attention to the ad the first time but in subsequent impressions, upon seeing it again and again, he may change his mind.

All traffic sources allow you to control the number of times a visitor will see your ad. However, traffic sources don’t let you use frequency capping in the same way. The primary setting in frequency capping is the possibility to choose from 1 to unlimited impressions per unique visitor every 24 hours.

Note: Frequency capping is set at the campaign level.

Frequency Capping in ExoClick

You’ll find frequency capping in Configuration & Pricing section when creating or editing a campaign in Exoclick.

frequency capping in exoclick

The first setting you’ll see is to enable or disable frequency capping.

It is considered a best practice to enable frequency capping. Unlike many other traffic sources, the maximum period allowed by Exoclick is 24 hours, which means a unique visitor would be able to see your ad as early as every 24 hours.

If you use multiple banners, say 10 of them and set your frequency cap to 3 impressions every 24 hours, the user will see 3 impressions of your campaign in a 24 hour span. However, these 3 impressions may be impressions of the same banner or 1 impression from 3 different banners, depending how our system will rotate your campaign creatives.

Frequency Capping Strategies you can deploy in Exoclick:

1. Use small frequency cap when bidding higher: Set a small frequency capping (1 to 3) and a high CPM bid to get on top of the rotation of campaigns.

  • Advantages: Traffic performances are higher, very targeted traffic.
  • Drawbacks: Small volume and tough competition drives prices up.

2. Use higher frequency cap when bidding average or minimum: Set a bigger frequency capping (4 to unlimited) and an average or minimum CPM bid.

  • Advantages: Less competition, lesser cost. By paying lesser or minimum prices, you get conversions on quantity over quality.
  • Drawbacks: Traffic performance is lower. High traffic volume means more work of optimization.

Be careful when setting a high Frequency capping since you will spend your daily budget very quickly and may even exceed it.

There is a reason by big advertising firms show their ads again and again – the effectiveness of the message is based on repetition. By testing different type of campaigns and by playing with different frequency caps, you’ll be able to fine tune your campaign to find the right exposure bringing higher profits.