Voluum Tutorial – How to Configure Voluum with Mobidea

Mobidea has a feature that is an absolutely killer when it comes to configuring it with Voluum. Not only does this feature work with Voluum, but it also works with trackers like AdsBridge or Thrive or any other custom tracker.

If you use Voluum, you don’t have to spend time setting up parameters for your Postback URL. Mobidea has built a pre integration with Voluum tracking, so you only have to copy your Voluum subdomain and that’s it. You don’t have to waste even a second of your time configuring it.

How to Configure Voluum with Mobidea

First, you should login to your Voluum account and go to Settings and then go to Setup.

Check the second option, which is for S2S or Server-to-Server postback URL. S2S URLs are the most secure and reliable method to count conversions. You’ll see 2 URLs there — one for

It would look something like this – https://abcde.voluumtrk2.com/postback?cid=REPLACE&payout=OPTIONAL&txid=OPTIONAL

What you really need from this URL is abcde, which is highlighed above.


Now you need to login to Mobidea and you have two options here – you can either configure it at account level or you can configure it each offer id. Why these two options to configure at different levels? This is basically to address situation where you may be using more than one tracker.

To configure a Mobidea Offer with Voluum, go to that approved offer, click the Advanced tab and you’ll see an option to enable Postback URL. Slide to enable it and you’ll see options to provide the subdomain.

mobidea voluum integration 1


Just enter your Voluum subdomain and save it. Now go to the general tab and copy the offer link. Save this offer link in the Voluum campaign to start tracking your conversions.


If you’d like to integrate Mobidea and Voluum on the account level. Go to the Mobidea dashboard and click the settings gear located in the top right corner. You’ll see similar looking panel. Just click Voluum and provide the subdomain name.

mobidea voluum integration 2

If you add a Global Postback here (at the account level), Mobidea automatically updates all the tracking links and Smartlinks with the necessary info. Do remember that you should insert the subdomain without http://
Postback provided on the offer overrides the postback provided on the account level, so in case you set a specific Postback on the Offer or Smartlink page, it’ll be used instead of your account’s Global Postback.

You’re now set. The system will dynamically make a call to your Postback URL for every signup on your account, together with the tokens you select.