What is Remnant Traffic?

Remnant traffic is basically the ad traffic that has not been sold directly to an advertiser that must be sold in other ways.

As the name suggests and is the definition, remnant is unsold traffic, which is usually referred to as low quality or waste of time and money. However, you might have heard the old saying:

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

how to make money with remnant traffic

I’ve been researching remnant traffic and plan to invest some time and money into the same. I’ll do some follow up posts and tag them, so you can look them up here.


Scenarios that Lead to Remnant Traffic

There are hundreds of scenarios that can lead to remnant traffic and I’ll cover a few so that you really get to know remnant traffic is.

  • User comes via Wi-Fi network but all the ads on a website are targeted for mobile traffic only.
  • User has an iOS device but all the ads are targeting Andriod traffic.
  • User is coming from a tier-1 country like USA, Canada or France but all the ads are targeted for tier-3 countries like Panama, El Salvador etc.
  • User is already subscribed to that offer.

There are several more scenarios. Going into depth of each of these scenarios is not of much use unless and until you work for a traffic source that is trying to monetize the remnant traffic.


Remnant Traffic Options for a Traffic Source

Traffic sources don’t just ignore the remnant traffic. They try to utilize the remnant traffic in ways that will serve them like maximizing their profits or spreading their brand awareness. Some of these options are:

  • Serve nothing (blank) in place where ads normally appear.
  • Run a in-house ad promoting other parts of the site or related products and services
  • Run CPA-based affiliate marketing banners
  • Run CPC-based ads from ad networks

The first option is rarely used because that is like wasting an ad space. Most of the traffic sources don’t even give you an option to publishers not to serve anything. Some like Google Adsense, do provide options like shown below (they used to have additional options earlier like showing ads of non-profit organizations etc.)

google adsense remnant traffic

As an affiliate, you can make profit from remnant traffic because this profit is available at incredible low prices.