Why Day Parting Must Be Part of Your Online Advertising Strategy

Day Parting refers to dividing the day into several parts and is a must for any successful online advertising strategy. Your strategy should include in-depth analysis of which ads to display, where to display those ads and when to display those ads.

Example 1: If you’re targeting customers in Mexico and India — you cannot just run one campaign for both the countries. You need to have different campaigns, targeting different hours for each country. If you create just one campaign targeting both countries during the same hours — you’ll see completely different results because it when it is day in Mexico – it is night in India and when it is night in Mexico – it is day in India.

Example 2: Depending on the offer you’re promoting, you’ll see different results during the day and week. For example, if you’re promoting a product worth $1000, it is likely to have to poor conversions from 4 PM to 7 PM. This is because most of the people would be returning home at that time and are unlikely to pull out their credit card in a subway or metro train. Instead they’d prefer to do this from home or office. However, if you’re promoting a light weight free mobile gaming app, you’re likely to see good conversions as people are looking to kill time during commute.

Have a look at the below day parting data for CH-directlinks in Afflow. As you can see targeting at 15:00 hours will yield better results than targeting 21:00 hours for this particular country and ad vertical.

dayparting explained

Important Considerations for Day parting:

  1. Analyze the data by breaking it down to the lowest level – possibly to day of the week by hour.
  2. Understand your timezone, your account’s timezone and your target’s timezone (see below).

You need to understand subtle differences like EDT and EST, CDT and CST; PDT and PST are not the same. I’m not going into details of those – you can google them. When creating or updating your campaigns, you may not be in the same timezone as the timezone of your account (you may be holidaying in California while your home and account are in Central time zone). So, don’t think of what time is in your location, instead keep in mind the timezone in your account. Also, there may be time difference between traffic source and affiliate network. This is a common mistake that affiliates do and end up running ineffective campaigns.

Let me show you 3 different timezones

When analyzing data in in Afflow, there is an option to select timezone:

afflow timezone

If you’re not paying attention, it may be different than the timezone in your advertising platform like ZeroPark or Propeller Ads.

zeropark timezone

propeller ads timezone

Incorrect timezone settings can lead you to leak money and run ineffective campaigns. So, to take advantage of dayparting — you need to make sure everything is in sync.