ZeroPark Remnant Ads Campaign — My Experience Trying to Turn Waste Into Gold

Earlier I had talked about what remnant ads are and my plans to run a remnant ads campaign. I was hoping to turn waste into gold with remnant ads but it did not turn out the way I had anticipated. Or rather I should say that the particular combinations I had worked with in the campaigns, they did not work out as anticipated. Hopefully this article provides you some insights and ideas, learn from my experience, which will help avoid spending hundreds of dollars in doing the mistakes I did.

Traffic Source Selected: ZeroPark

Affiliate Network: Afflow

Refer to How to Create a Remnant Traffic Ads Campaign in ZeroPark

My Experience Running ZeroPark Remnant Traffic Campaign with Afflow

In the above post on how to create a remnant traffic ads campaign in ZeroPark, I had detailed steps to create a multi-geo campaign targeting RON traffic. The countries I selected in the campaign were BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

I created several versions of the same campaign with different traffic filters to target mobile and desktop traffic, adult and non adult traffic and played a bit with the frequency caps and day parting values to optimize the campaign a bit. However, I had a hard time turning the so-called waste into gold.

Overall, I’d say I lost more than $200 running multiple remnant campaigns i.e. close to $10 per day, which was my daily budget. I did receive some conversions but the payout per conversion was pretty low and hence, they did not make any difference.

For example, in the screenshot below for one the campaigns on the same, my stats for Nov’17 are shown. As you can see, I spent $64.84 for this campaign but made only $4.14 from 17 conversions in 532,807 impressions/redirects. I had started from $0.0003 CPV and went up to $0.0005 CPV and went down to $0.0001. I always ended up spending my $10 per day budget.

zero park remnant traffic dashboard

When running a remnant traffic campaign, you don’t get the target and source data as with premium and standard RON campaigns. You only get sources data and as you can see in the below screenshot, the issue I faced with this campaign (it was the same case with other campaigns too) was that there was primarily one source only, which was bringing in all the conversions. As you can see in the screenshot below, the first source listed there got me 14 out of a total of 17 conversions for the campaign.

zero park remnant traffic dashboard 2

Some of the campaign optimization steps I had taken were to pause the countries, which did not provide any conversions even after the campaign was running for 3-4 days. I also paused the sources, which did not provide any conversions after a week or so of running the campaigns.


Overall, I I lost almost all of the $200+ I had budgeted towards running remnant campaigns via ZeroPark. I did receive some conversions but the payout per conversion was pretty low and hence, for most of these campaigns, I lost 90% of the amount invested.

One thing I’d like to recommend is that a bid of $0.0001 is also good enough for remnant ads campaigns (atleast to begin with). This is the lowest price at which you can run a remnant ads campaign in ZeroPark and at this rate also, I used to run out of my daily budget of $10 in 3-4 hours.

I’ll most probably not run any more remnant traffic campaigns from ZeroPark to run Afflow ads in the future. I may still run a few more remnant ads campaigns using different traffic sources or affiliate networks to see if they perform any better there. If you’d like to anything not covered here, please comment below.

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